Wednesday 8 September, KES 2010




Plenary Session Keynote 1, Balmoral 1
Prof. Chris Bishop (Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK)


Coffee, Balmoral 2



Balmoral 1





IS31: Soft Computing Techniques and Their Intelligent Utilizations Toward Gaming, Robotics, Stock Markets, etc
Chairs:  Prof. Norio Baba, Prof.
M. Resta, and Prof. M. Tanaka
(Osaka Kyoiku University, Japan)

IS25: Knowledge-based Creativity Support Systems (5)
Chair: Prof. Susumu Kunifuji (
Jaist, Japan)
Co-chairs:  Dr. Kazuo Misue, Dr. Hidehiko Hayashi, Dr. Motoki Miura,  Dr. Toyohisa Nakada,  Dr. Tessai Hayama

IS05: Special Session on Application of Knowledge Models in Healthcare (3)
Chair: Dr. István Vassányi
 (University of Pannonia, Hungary)

IS01: Intelligent Data Processing in Process Systems and Plants
Chair: Dr. Kazuhiro Takeda
(Shizuoka University, Japan)
Co-chair:  Dr. Takashi Hamaguchi

IS07: Knowledge Environment for Supporting Creative Learning
Chair: Prof. Toyohide Watanabe
(Nagoya University, Japan)
Co-chair: Asst. Prof. Tomoko Kojiri

G04: Agent and Multi-AgentSystems
Chair: Prof. Ngoc Thanh Nguyen
(Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland)

G05: Knowledge Based and Expert Systems
Chair: Prof. Anne Hakansson
(Stockholm University, Sweden)


CMOS-based Radiation Movie and Still Image Pickup System with a Phototimer using Smart Pattern Recognition
Yuuki, Mineno, Yamada, Mizuno

Interaction Technique Combining Gripping and Pen Pressure
Suzuki, Misue, Tanaka

Proactive Control of Manufacturing Processes using Historical Data
Grauer, Karadgi, Müller, Metz, Schäfer

System For Creative Distance Learning Environment Development Based On Competence Management
Różewski, Małachowski

A Log Analyzer Agent for Intrusion Detection in a Multi-agent System
Porto-D´ıaz, Fontenla-Romero, Alonso-Betanzos

Emotion Judgment Method from an Utterance Sentence
Tsuchiya, Yoshimura, Watabe


Optimal H2 Integral Controller Design with Derivative State Constraints for Torsional Vibration Model
Komine, Yamada

Extracting Keyword Network from Flood Disaster Measures
Miura, Tokuda, Kuwahara

An Overview of a Microcontroller-based Approach to Intelligent Machine Tool Monitoring
Siddiqui, Grosvenor, Prickett.

A Blended Project-Based Learning Program on Embedded Software Design with Collaboration Support Tools
Yukawa, Iwazaki, Ishida, Takahashi, Fukumura, Yamazaki, Hasegawa, Miura

A Computer Adaptive Testing Method for Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Kozierkiewicz-Hetmańska, Thanh Nguyen

Local Model Update with an Application to Sliding Window Protocol
Kelly, Zhang


Utilization of Evolutionary Algorithms for Making COMMONS GAME Much More Exciting
Baba, Handa, Kusaka, Takeda, Yoshihara, Kogawa

Practicing on Stage: Increasing Transparency and Interaction in Class Activity with Digital Pen system
Sugihara, Miura, Kunifuji

A Multiagent Approach for Sustainable Design of Heat Exchanger Networks
Kimura, Yasue, Kou, Tsuge

Bridging multiple motor-skills in a community site
Matsuura, Gotoda, Ueta, Yano

A Framework to Compute Inference Rules Valid in Agents' Temporal Logics
Babenyshev, Rybakov

Reasoning with Multiple Points of View: A Case Study
Bouché, Zanni-Merk, Gartiser, Renaud, Rousselot


Education of Embedded System by using Electric Fan
Yuuki, Namiki, Yamada,

A Destination board system inferred from a photo

Use of Two-Layer Cause-Effect Model to Select Source of Signal in Plant Alarm System
Takeda, Hamaguchi, Noda, Kimura, Itoh

Multilingual PBL in Metaverse among Students from the USA, Korea and Japan
Kanematsu, Fukumura, Barry, Sohn, Taguchi

Statecharts-based JADE agents and tools for engineering Multi-Agent Systems
Fortino, Rango, Russo

Syntax and Semantics for Business Rules
Liu, Alechina, Logan


Development and Evaluation of a Routing Simulator for a Mutually Complementary Network Incorporating Wired and Wireless Components
Morita, Yusa, Komine, Yoshida, Kojima, Mizuno, Yamada

Study on Classification of the Tacit Knowledge using an Eye-tracking Interface: Experiment of Observation Photographs and Assessment of Reproduction Drawing
Watanabe, Kodama, Hayashi, Minaduki

Coloured Petri Net Diagnosers for Lumped Process Systems
Toth, Nemeth, Hangos

Topic Visualization for Understanding Research Paper in Collaborative Discussion
Aoki, Hayashi, Kojiri, Watanabe

Telco Agent: Enabler of Paradigm Shift towards Customer-Managed Relationship
Podobnik, Lovrek

Applying a Knowledge Based System for Metadata Integration for Data Warehouses
Wu, Håkansson


On the impact of the metrics choice in SOM learning: some empirical results from financial data

Computer-Based Dietary Menu Planning: How to Support it by Complex Knowledge?

Fault Semantic Networks for Accident Forecasting of LNG Plants

Building a Framework to Design and Evaluate Meta-Learning Support Systems
Seta, Fujiwara, Noguchi, Maeno, Ikeda

Applying Possibility and Belief Operators to Conditional Statements
Skorupa, Katarzyniak

Developing a Probabilistic Graphical Structure from a Model of Mental-Health Clinical Risk Expertise
Obembe, Christopher;Buckingham


Reinforcement Learning Scheme for Grouping and Characterization of Multi-Agent Network
Morihiro, Matsui, Isokawa, Nishimura

Flexible Semantic Querying of Clinical Archetypes
Martínez-Costa, Miñarro-Giménez, Menárguez-Tortosa, Valencia-García, Fernández-Breis

Consistency Checking Method of Inventory Control for Countermeasures Planning System
Hamaguchi, Takeda, Matsumoto, Hashimoto

Promoting Learning Attention with Gaze Tracking Integrated e-learning Contents
Li, Iribe

Distributed Ant Colony Clustering Using Mobile Agents and Its Effects
Oikawa, Mizutani, Takimoto, Kambayashi

Controlling Security of Software Development with Multi-Agent System
Moradian, Håkansson


Music Impression Detection Method for User Independent Music Retrieval System Miyoshi, Tsuge, Kipsang Choge, Oyama, Ito, Fukum

A formal domain model for dietary and physical activity counseling
Mák, Pintér, Gaál, Vassányi, Kozmann, Németh

An Immunity-based Scheme for Statistical En-route Filtering in Wireless Sensor Networks

Improvement of an Annotation Sharing System on Web-Based Materials to Activate Discussions
Kunimune, Gonda, Tominaga, Niimura

Multi-Attribute Auction Model for Agent-Based Content Trading in Telecom Markets
Petric, Jezic

Comparing Ontologies using Using Multi-Agent System and Knowledge Base
Håkansson, Hartung, Moradian, Wu




Wednesday 8 September, KES 2010 


Plenary Session Keynote 2, Balmoral 1
Prof. Yuzuru Tanaka (Hokkaido University, Japan)


Coffee, Balmoral 2









IS31: Soft Computing Techniques and Their Intelligent Utilizations Toward Gaming, Robotics, Stock Markets etc (2)
Chairs:  Prof. Norio Baba, Prof.
M. Resta, and Prof. M. Tanaka
(Osaka Kyoiku University, Japan)

IS39: Immunity-Based Systems (4)
Chair: Prof. Yoshiteru Ishida
(Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
Co-chairs:  Asst. Prof. Takeshi Okamoto, Asst. Prof. Yuji Watanabe, Asst. Prof. Koji Harada

IS10: Intelligent Systems in Ambient Assisted Living Environments
Chair: Prof. Antonio F. Gómez-Skarmeta
(Universidad de Murcia, Spain)
Co-chair: Prof. Juan A. Botía

IS02: A Meta Heuristic Approach to Management Engineering
Chair: Prof. Junzo Watada
(Waseda University, Japan)
Co-chairs: Dr. Taki Kanda,  Prof. Huey-Ming Lee, Dr. Lily Lin

IS08: Information Communication Technology in Innovation and Creativity
Chair: Prof. Toyohide Watanabe
(Nagoya University, Japan)
Co-chair: Asst. Prof. Taketoshi Ushiama

G07: Knowledge Management, Ontologies and Data Mining
Chair: Dr Bojana Dalbelo Basic
(University of Zagreb, Croatia)

G06: Intelligent Vision, Image Processing and Signal Processing
Chair: Asst. Prof. Tuan Pham
(University of New South Wales, Australia)


Extracting Principal Components from Pseudo-Random Data by Using Random Matrix Theory


Talking Agents in Ambient Assisted Living
Fernández de Alba, Pavón

Fuzzy power system reliability model based on Value-at-Risk
Wang, Li, Watada

Semantic Approach to Image Retrieval Using Statistical Models Based on a Lexical Ontology
Fadzli, Setchi

Computer-Generated Conversation Based on Newspaper Headline Interpretation
Yoshimura, Tsuchiya, Watabe

Combining Patient Metadata Extraction and Automatic Image Parsing for the Generation of an Anatomic Atlas
Möller, Ernst, Sintek, Seifert, Grimnes, Cavallaro, Dengel


Applying Fuzzy Sets to Composite Algorithm for Remote Sensing Data
Mackin, Yamaguchi, Geol Park, Nunohiro, Matsushita, Yanagisawa, Igarashi

A Normality Analysis-based Approach to Monitor Behaviors in AAL Domains
Vallejo, Albusac, Glez-Morcillo, Jimenez

Fuzzy Group Evaluating the Rate of Aggregative Risk in Software Development
Lee, Lin

IEC-Based Motion Retrieval System Using Laban Movement Analysis
Wakayama, Okajima, Takano, Okada

Using Biased Discriminant Analysis for Email Filtering
Carlos Gomez, Moens

Parallel Processing with CUDA in Ceramic Tiles Classification
Matić, Hocenski


Evaluations of Immunity-Based Diagnosis for a Motherboard
Shida, Okamoto, Ishida

OVACARE: A Multi-Agent System for Assistance and Health Care
De Paz, Rodríguez, Bajo, Corchado, Corchado

Prestent State of Art in Human Tracking: Survey
Watada, Musa, Jain, Fulcher

Where to Crawl Next for Focused Crawlers
Uemura, Itokawa, Kitasuka, Aritsugi

Use of Geospatial Analyses for Semantic Reasoning
Karmacharya, Cruz, Boochs, Marzani

Vowel Recognition Using Haar Wavelet in Combination with Neural Network
Hosseini, Gharahbagh, Ghofrani


A Note on Dynamical Behaviors of a Spatial Game Operated on Intercrossed Rules
Haraday, Ishidaz

A System for Recognising Activities of Daily Living using Everyday Objects
Ros, Delgado, Vila

Kansei for Colors Depending on Objects

Extraction of Co-existent Sentences for Explaining Figures toward Effective Support for Scientific Papers Reading
Takeshima, Watanabe

Application of Ontological Engineering in Customs Domain
Loukakos, Setchi

Bayesian Classification using DCT Features for Brain Tumor Detection
Ain, Mehmood, Naqi, Jaffar


Asymmetry in Repairing and Infection: A Case of the Self-Repair Network
Ishida, Tanabe

Adaptation of an Evaluation System for e-Health Environments
Sánchez-Pi, Molina

Ordinal Structure Fuzzy Logic Predictor for Consumer Behaviour
Yusof, Khalid, Yunus

Automatic Composition of Personalized Appreciation Route Based on Semantic Relationship between Exhibits in Museum
Maehara, Yatsugi, Kim, Ushiama

Clustering Using Difference Criterion of Distortion Ratios

Fuzzy Hyper-Prototype Clustering
Liu, Pham


A Note on Symmetry in Logic of Self-Repair: A Case of a Self-Repair Network

OutCare: Supporting Dementia Patients in Outdoor Scenario
Wan, Byrne, O'Hare, O'Grady

A Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm for Solving the Bilevel Programming Models
Bahar;Yaakob, Watada,

Iterated Local Search Algorithms for the Linear Ordering Problem with Cumulative Costs (LOPCC)
Villanueva, Fraire Huacuja, Duarte, Pazos R., Carpio Valadez, Puga Soberanes

Using Regression Analysis To Identify Patterns Of Non-Technical Losses On Power Utilities
Monedero, Biscarri, León, Guerrero, Biscarri, Millán

Commercial recognition intelligent system using only the audio signal




Drinks reception at Cardiff Castle





Thursday 9 September, KES 2010


Plenary Session Keynote 3, Balmoral 1
Prof. Nikola Kasabov (University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand)


Coffee, Balmoral 2



Balmoral 1





 IS03: Knowledge Engineering and Smart Systems
Chair: Dr. Cesar Sanin
(University of Newcastle, Australia)

G11: Other / Misc. Intelligent Systems Topics
Chair: Prof. Ron Hartung
(Franklyn University, United States)

IS16: Reasoning Based Intelligent Systems
Chair:  Prof. Kazumi Nakamatsu
(University of Hyogo, Japan)
Co-chair: Prof. Jair Minoro Abe

IS24:  Advanced Knowledge-based Systems
Chair: Prof. Alfredo Cuzzocrea
(ICAR-CNR & University of Calabria, Italy)

IS28: Advanced Design Techniques for Adaptive Systems(4)
Chair: Prof. Sorin Hintea
(Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Co-chairs: Prof. H. Fernández-Canque, Prof. Gabriel Oltean

G04: Agent and Multi-AgentSystems (4)

Chair: Prof. Ngoc Thanh Nguyen

(Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland)

G07: Knowledge Management, Ontologies and
Data Mining
Chair: Dr. Bojana Dalbelo Basic
(University of Zagreb, Croatia)


Using Semantics to Bridge the Information and Knowledge Sharing Gaps in Virtual Engineering
Vaquero, Toro, Palenzuela, Azpeitia

A Power-Enhanced Algorithm for Spatial Anomaly Detection in Binary Labeled Point Data Using the Spatial Scan Statistic
Read, Bath, Willett, Maheswaran

Constructive Discursive Reasoning
Akama, Nakamatsu, Minoro;Abe

W-kmeans: Clustering News Articles using WordNet
Bouras, Tsogkas

A variable topology analog filter suitable for multi-mode wireless applications
Hintea, Csipkes, Csipkes, Fernandez-Canque

Towards Applying Data Mining Classification Techniques for Academic Talent Forecasting


Discovering and Usage of Customer Knowledge in QoS Mechanism for B2C Web Server Systems
Borzemski, Suchacka

Vertical Fragmentation Design of Distributed Databases Considering the Nonlinear Nature of Roundtrip Response Time
Pazos R., Vázquez A., Martínez F., Pérez O.

Formal Concept Analysis of Medical Incident Reports
Baba, Liu, Hirokawa

An efficient mechanism for stemming and tagging: the case of Greek language
Adam, Asimakis, Bouras, Poulopoulos

A Reconfigurable Voltage Reference Without Resistors
Festilă, Andras Szolga, Cîrlugea, Hintea,

Test-Cost Sensitive Classification on Data with Missing Values in the Limited Time


Finding Inner Copy Communities Using Social Network Analysis
Merlo, Ríos, Álvarez, L'Huillier, Velásquez

Dialogue Manager for a NLIDB for Solving the Semantic Ellipsis Problem in Query Formulation
Pazos R., Rojas P., Santaolaya S., Martínez F., Gonzalez B.

Introduction to Intelligent Network Routing Based on EVALPSN
Nakamatsu, Minoro Abe, Watanabe

A Genetic Algorithm to Design Industrial Materials
Tenorio, Gómez-Ruiz, Peláez, Doña

A Double-layer Genetic Algorithm for Gm-C Filter Design
Farago, Hintea, Oltean, Festila

Prediction of Travel Time using Modified K-means Clustering method on Historical Traffic Data
Deb Nath, Lee, Chowdhury, Chang


Enhancing SNA with a Concept-based Text Mining Approach to discover key members on a VCoP
Alvarez, Ríos, Aguilera, Merlo, Guerrero

Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Segmented Singular Value Decomposition
Liu, Kavakli

Introduction to Intelligent Elevator Control Based on EVALPSN
Nakamatsu, Minoro Abe, Akama, Kountchev

Talking Biology in Logic, and Back

Optimised Dielectric Totally Internally Reflecting Concentrator for the Solar Photonic Optoelectronic Transformer System: Maximum Concentration Method
Muhammad-Sukki, Ramirez-Iniguez, G. McMeekin, Stewart, Clive,

An Ontology-based Approach for Autonomous Systems' Description and Engineering: The OASys Framework
Bermejo-Alonso, Sanz, Rodríguez, Hernández


Supporting software project management processes using the agent system
Orłowski, Ziółkowski

Reasoning and Inference Rules in Basic Linear Temporal Logic BLTL
Babenyshev, Rybakov

A Mechanism for Converting Circuit Grammars to Definite Clauses

Summarization for Geographically Distributed Data Streams
Ciampi,  Appice,  Malerba

Cooperation of AGVs? Head-on Collision Avoidance by Knowledge Exchange in Autonomous Decentralized FMS
Yamamoto, Yamada

Clustering based on Kolmogorov Information
Said, Murat, Ivan, Marc, Sofiane


Knowledge-Based Virtual Organizations for the EDecisional Community
Mancilla-Amaya, Sanín, Szczerbick

Control Network Programming with SPIDER: Dynamic Search Control
Kratchanov, Golemanov, Golemanova, Ercan

Monadic Curry System N1*
Minoro Abe, Nakamatsu, Akama

Gradual Data Aggregation in Multi-granular Fact Tables on Resource-constrained Systems
Iftikhar, Bach Pedersen

A Proof System for Time-Dependent Multi-Agents

Search Space Reduction for an Efficient Handling of Empty Answers in Database Flexible Querying
Ben Hassine, Abidi Nasri, Ounelli


Business Intelligence infrastructure: Architecture discussion. Performance, Availability and Management.
Gómez Zuluaga, Sanín, Szczerbicki

Non-Procedural Implementation of Local Heuristic Search in Control Network Programming
Kratchanov, Golemanova, Golemanov, Ercan

Reasoning elements for a vehicle routing system
Ferneda, Mello, Diniz, Figueiredo

A Refinement Operator Based Method for Semantic Grouping of Conjunctive Query Results
Lawrynowicz, d'Amato, Fanizzi

Toward Emotional E-Commerce: Formalizing Agents for a Simple Negotiation Protocol
Jascanu, Jascanu, Bumbaru

Using association rules to discover color-emotion relationships based on social tagging
Feng, Lesot, Detyniecki


Decisional DNA Applied to Robotics
Zhang, Sanin, Szczerbicki

Meta-agents, Ontologies and Search, a proposed snthesis
Ronald;Hartung, Håkansson

Sensing System for an Autonomous Mobile Robot Based on the Paraconsistent Artificial Neural Network
Rodrigo Torres, Minoro Abe, Lambert-Torres, Da Silva Filho, Gonzaga Martins

Semantic Network of Ground Station-Satellite Communication System

Monitoring a MAS Evolution through Iterative Development
Wautelety, Kolpz

A Conceptual Framework for Role-based Knowledge Profiling using Semiotics Approach
Mat Ali, Liu




Thursday 9 September, KES 2010 


Plenary Session Keynote 4, Balmoral 1
Prof. Roger Whittaker (Cardiff University, UK)


Coffee, Balmoral 2








IS04: Skill Acquisition and Ubiquitous Human Computer Interaction
Chair: Prof. Hirokazu Taki
(Wakayama University, Japan)

G11: Other / Misc. Intelligent Systems Topics
Chair: Prof. Ron Hartung
(Franklyn University, United States)

IS16: Reasoning Based Intelligent Systems (2)
Chair: Prof. Kazumi Nakamatsu
(University of Hyogo, Japan)
Co-chair: Prof. Jair Minoro Abe

IS03: Knowledge Engineering and Smart Systems (4)
Chair: Dr. Cesar Sanin
(University of Newcastle, Australia)

IS24: Advanced Knowledge-based Systems (4)
Chair: Prof. Alfredo Cuzzocrea
(ICAR-CNR & University of Calabria, Italy)

IS19: Topic (2)
Chair: Prof. Giovanna Castellan
(University of Bari, Italy)

IS14: Knowledge-Based Interface Systems (I) (4)
Chair: Prof. Yuji Iwahori
(Chubu University, Japan)
Co-chair: Prof. Naohiro Ishii

IS15: Knowledge-Based Interface Systems (II) (2)
Chair: Prof. Yoshinori Adachi
(Chubu University, Japan)
Co-chair: Prof. Nobuhiro Inuzuka

G07: Knowledge Management, Ontologies and Data Mining
Chair: Dr. Bojana Dalbelo Basic
(University of Zagreb, Croatia)


Geometric Considerations of Search Behavior
Ashida, Taki

Light-Weighted Access Control Scheme for XML Data
Dongchan, Kim, Park

Paraconsistent Artificial Neural Networks and EEG Analysis
Minoro Abe, Lopes, Nakamatsu, Akama

Co-Clustering Analysis of Weblogs using Bipartite Spectral Projection Approach
Xu, Zong, Dolog, Zhang

Recovering 3-D Shape Based on Light Fall-off Stereo under Point Light Source Illumination and Perspective Projection
Iwahori, Rouveyrol, Woodham, Adachi, Kasugai

Enhancing the Symbolic Aggregate Approximation Method Using Updated Lookup Tables
Muhammad Fuad, Marteau


Affordance in dynamic objects based on face recognition
Miyachi, Maezawa, Nishihara, Suzuki

A new Distributed Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Constraint Reasoning: Dynamic Double Guided approach

A reasoning-based strategy for exploring the synergy among alternative crops
Antonio do Prado, Ferneda, Coelho de Faria

Analysis of Medical Pathways by means of Frequent Closed Sequences
Baralis, Bruno, Chiusano, Domenici, Mahoto, Petrigni

Shadow Detection Method Based on Dirichlet Process Mixture Model
Kurahashi, Fukui, Iwahori, Woodham

Which XML Storage for Knowledge and Ontology Systems?
Bukatovic, Horak, Rambousek


A Web-Community Supporting Self-Management for Runners with Annotation
Gotoda, Matsuura, Otsuka, Tanaka, Yano

Categorizing User Interests in Recommender Systems
Saha, Majumder, Ray, Mahanti

Supporting Management Decisions with Intelligent Mechanisms of Obtaining and Processing Knowledge
Orłowski, Sitek

Inheriting Access Control Rules from Large Relational Databases to Materialized Views Automatically
Cuzzocrea, Hacid, Grillo

Information Extraction Using XPath
Okada, Ishii, Torii

Rule-Based Classification of Evolving Data
Peter, Höppner


Message Ferry Route Design Based on Clustering for Sparse Ad hoc Networks
Miura, Nishi, Matsuda, Taki

Architecture of Hascheck ? An Intelligent Spellchecker for Croatian Language
Dembitz, Gledec, Blaškovic

Ontology Engineering Aspects in the Intelligent Systems Development
Czarnecki, Orłowski

MySQL Data Mining: extending MySQL to support data mining primitives (demo)
Ferro, Giugno, Laura Puglisi, Pulvirenti

Information Visualization System for Activation of Shopping Streets
Torii, Okada, Niwa, Onogi, Ishii

Rule Extraction from Support Vector Machine using modified Active Learning Based Approach: An application to CRM
Farquada, Ravi, Raju


An Analysis of background-color effects on the scores of a computer-based English test

A Commonsense Planning Strategy for Ambient Intelligence
Santofimia, Fahlman, Moya, López

Conceptual fuzzy model of Polish Internet mortgage market
Orłowski;, Szczerbicki

Combining semantic and content based image retrieval in ORDBMS

Propose a Hybrid Face Recognition System for Managing Time of Going to Work and Retire from Office
Adachi, Yunfei, Ozaki, Iwahori

Factorizing three-way binary data with triadic formal concepts
Belohlavek, Vychodil


Vowel Sound Recognition Using a Spectrum Envelope Feature Detection Method and Neural Network
Kawaguchi, Yonekura, Jimbo, Ishii

A Logic for Incomplete Sequential Information

Translations of Service Level Agreement in Systems Based on Service Oriented Architecture
Grzech, Rygielski

Multi-criteria retrieval in cultural heritage recommendation systems
Di Bitonto, Laterza, Roselli, Rossano

Multi-Relationa Pattern Mining System for General Database Systems
Inuzuka, Makino

Towards a proposal for a Vessel Knowledge Representation Model
Macía, Graña, Paloc




Dinner at Hilton Hotel








Friday 10 September, KES 2010


Plenary Session Keynote 5, Balmoral 1
Prof. Tetsuo Sawaragi (Kyoto University, Japan)


Poster Session & Coffee, Balmoral 2



Balmoral 1





IS26: Intelligent Network and Service
Chair: Prof. Jun Munemori
(Wakayama University, Japan)
Co-chair:  Prof. Takaya Yuizono

IS27: Real World Data Mining and Digital Intelligence (6)
Chair: Dr. Ziad Salem
(Aleppo University, Syria)
Co-chairs:  Dr. Omer F. Rana, Dr. Rashid Mehmood

IS32: Methods and Techniques of Artificial and Computational Intelligence in Engineering Design (2)
Chair: Prof.Argyris Dentsoras
(University of Patras, Greece)
Co-chairs: Prof. N. Aspragathos,  Dr. V. Moulianitis

IS22: Innovations in Chance Discovery (5)
Chair: Prof. Akinori Abe
(University of Tokyo, Japan)

IS11: Knowledge-Based Systems for e-Business (3)
Chair: Prof. Kazuhiko Tsuda
(University of Tsukuba, Japan )
Co-chair: Dr. Nobuo Suzuki

WS01: Workshop on 3D Visualisation of Natural Language (7)
Chair: Dr. M. E. Ma
(University of Derby, UK)
Co-chairs: Prof. N. Antonopoulos, Mr. B. Coyne

IS18: Data Mining and Service Science for Innovation (1)
Chair: Prof. K. Yada
(Kansai University, Japan)
Co-chairs: Prof. T. Yamaguchi,  M. A. Torsello

G10: Intelligent Tutoring Systems and E-Learning Environments (5)
Chair: Prof. Toyohide Watanabe
(Nagoya University, Japan)
Co-chairs: Tomoko Kojiri, Hisayoshi Kunimune

G03: Machine Learning and Classical AI (3)
Chair: Prof. Floriana Esposito
(University of Bari, Italy)

G01: Artificial Neural Networks, Connectionists Systems and Evolutionary Computation (7)
Chair: Prof Bruno Apolloni
(University of Milan, Italy)

G02: Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems (1)
Chair: Prof. Bernd Reusch
(University of Dortmund, Germany)


Development and Evaluation of a Historical Tour Support System using 3D graphics and Mobile terminal
Fujii, Shima, Takahashi, Yoshida

A Hybrid Approach for Indexing and Retrieval of Archaeological Textual Information in Arabic
Halabi, Islim, Kurdi

Temporality and Reference Place: Discovering Chances for Conflict Avoidance in Teamwork

Frame Semantics in Text-to-Scene Generation
Coyne, Rambow, Hirschberg, Sproat

Group Formation for Collaboration in Exploratory Learning using Group Technology Techniques
Cocea, Magoulas

A neural network model to develop urban acupuncture.
Tortosa, Vicent, Zamora, Oliver


A Proposal of P2P Content Retrieval System Using Access-Based Grouping Technique
Sasaki, Sawamoto, Katoh, Wada, Segawa, Sugino

Prognosis of Breast Cancer using Genetic Programming
Ludwig, Roos

Faking Chance. Cognitive Niche Impoverishment
Magnani, Bardone

Visualization and Language Processing for Supporting Analysis Across the Biomedical Literature
Görg, Tipney, Verspoor, Baumgartner Jr., Cohen, Stasko, Hunter

Applying Pedagogical Analyses to Create an On-line Course for e Learning
Le, Tran, Nguyen, Nguyen, Hunger

Discovering Process Models with Genetic Algorithms using Sampling
Bratosin, Sidorova, van der Aalst


Prediction of Combinatorial Protein-Protein Interaction Networks from Expression Data using Statistics on Conditional Probability
Fujiki, Inoue, Yoshihiro, Nakagawa

Classification of Software Artifacts based on Structural Information
Yusof, Rana

Discovering Research Key Terms as Temporal Patterns of Importance Indices for Text Mining
Abe, Tsumoto

SenticSpace: Visualizing Opinions and Sentiments in a Multi-Dimensional Vector Space
Cambria, Hussain, Havasi, Eckl

Adaptive Modelling of Users' Strategies in Exploratory Learning using Case-based Reasoning
Cocea, Gutierrez-Santos, Magoulas

A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Approach for the Antenna Positioning Problem
Segura, González, Miranda, León


Diminished Reality for Landscape Video Sequences with Homographies
Takeda, Sakamoto

Clustering Client Honeypot Data to support Malware Analysis
Alosefer, Rana

Interpretation of Chance Discovery in Temporal Logic, Admissible Inference Rules

Improving Communication Using 3D Animation
Ruhlmann, Ozell, Gagnon, Bourgoin, Charton

An Implementation of Reprogramming Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Hashizume, Mineno, Mizuno

Sensitivity analysis and automatic calibration of a rainfall-runoff model using multi-objectives
Sun, Liu


Effects of Individual Differences in Two Persons to the Distributed and Cooperative KJ Method on Anonymous Environment
Yuizono, Jin

Controlling Real World Pervasive Environments with Knowledge Bases
Alvi, Nabi, Greaves, Mehmood

Categorized and Integrated Data Mining of Medical Data from the Viewpoint of Chance Discovery
Abe, Hagita, Furutani, Furutani, Matsuoka

Supporting Collaborative Transcription of Recorded Speech with a 3D Game Interface
Luz, Masoodian, Rogers

Predicting e-Learning Course Adaptability and Changes in Learning Preferences after Taking e-Learning Courses
Nishino, Shimoda, Iribe, Mizuno, Aoki, Fukumura

Solving Industrial Based Job-Shop Scheduling Problem by Distributed Micro-Genetic Algorithm with Local Search
Yusof, Khalid, Cheng San


Repetition of Dialogue Atmosphere using Characters based on Face-to-face Dialogue
Itou, Munemori

LocPriS: A Security and Privacy Preserving Location Based Services Development Framework
Ayres, Mehmood

Variable Selection by Cp Statistic in Multiple Responses Regression with Fewer Sample Size than the Dimension
Yamamura, Yanagihara, Srivastava

Text-to-Video: Story Illustration from Online Photo Collections
Schwarz, Rojtberg, Caspar, Gurevych, Goesele, Lensch

Adaptive learning of nominal concepts for supervised classification
Meddouri, Maddouri

Data Mining via Rules Extracted from GMDH: An Application to Predict Churn in Bank Credit Cards
Naveena, Ravi, Raob


Pictograph Chat Communicator III: A Chat System that Embodies Cross-cultural Communication
Munemori, Fukuda, Mohd Yatid, Nishide, Itou

Rapid Evaluation of Reconfigurable Robots Anatomies using Computational Intelligence
Valsamos, Moulianitis, Aspragathos

Customer Path Controlling in the Retail Store with the Vertex Dominating Cycle Algorithms

SceneMaker: Multimodal Visualisation of Natural Language Film Scripts
Hanser, Mc Kevitt, Lunney, Condell, Ma

A Novel Approach of Process Mining with Event Graph
Zhang, Liu, Li, Jiao

University Course Timetabling Using ACO: Laboratory Exercises Case Study
Dino Matijaš, Molnar, Čupić, Jakobović, Dalbelo Bašić


Evidence analysis method using Bloom filter for MANET forensics
Mishina, Shiraishi, Takahashi

Floor Circulation Index and Optimal Positioning of Elevator Hoistways
Markos, Dentsoras

A Study on Traveling Purpose Classification Method to Extract Traveling Requests
Suzuki, Yamamura, Tsuda

Existence of Single Input Rule Modules for Optimal Fuzzy Logic Control
Mitsuishi, Kawakatsu, Shidama

A classification algorithm for process sequences based on Markov chains and Bayesian networks
Tschumitschew, Nauck, Klawonn

Simulation of Fuzzy Control Applied to a Railway Pantograph-Catenary System




Friday 10 September, KES 2010


Plenary Session Keynote 6, Balmoral 1
Prof. Saeid Nahavandi (Centre for Intelligent Systems Research, Deakin University - Victoria, Australia)


Coffee, Balmoral 2








IS12: Quality Assurance and Intelligent Web-based Information Technology (4)
Chair: Dr. Anastasia N. Kastania
(Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece)
Co-chair:  Dr. Stelios Zimeras

IS23: Personalization of Web Contents and Services (2)
Chair: Dr. In-Young Ko
(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea)
Co-chair: Dr. Juan D. Velásquez

IS34: Semantic Technologies for Knowledge Workers
Chair: Prof. Andreas Dengel
(German Research Center for Arificial Intelligence
(DFKI), Germany)
Co-chair: Dr. Ansgar Bernardi

IS35: Tools and Techniques for Effective Creation and Exploitation of Biodiversity Knowledge (4)
Chair: Dr Andrew C Jones
(Cardiff University, UK)
Co-chairs: Dr.R White,Dr.G Gianini,Dr.A Azzini,Dr.S Marrara

IS33: Philosophical and Methodological Aspects of Reasoning and Decision Making (2)
Chair: Prof. Vesa A. Niskanen
(University of Helsinki, Finland)

IS18: Data Mining and Service Science for Innovation (6)
Chair: Prof. K. Yada
(Kansai University, Japan)
Co-chairs: Prof. Takahira Yamaguchi,  Maria A. Torsello

IS09: Intelligent Support for Designing Social Information Infrastructure (5)
Chair: Prof. Toyohide Watanabe
(Nagoya University, Japan)
Co-chair: Asst. Prof. Naoto Mukai

IS38: Topic (1)
Chair: Prof. Andreas König

G08: Web Intelligence, Text and Multimedia Mining and Retrieval (4)
Chair: Prof. Andreas Nuernberger
(University of Magdeburg, Germany)


A framework for the quality assurance of blended e-learning communities
Varlamis, Apostolakis

Using Concept Maps to Improve Proactive Information Delivery in TaskNavigator
Rostanin, Maus, Suzuki, Maeda

Tools for Semantic Annotation of Taxonomic Descriptions
Cui, Pratim Sanyal, Yu

Econometric approach for Broadband Market in Japan
Kurosawa, Kawano, Iwashita, Shimogawa, Kouno, Inoue

Adaptive Traffic Signal Control based on Vehicle Route Sharing by Wireless Communication
Ezawa, Mukai

Frequent Itemset based Hierarchical Document Clustering using Wikipedia as External Knowledge
Kiran, Shankar, Pudi


Quality of content in Web 2.0 applications

A Vocabulary Building Mechanism based on Lexical Semantics for Querying the Semantic Web
Asano, Tanaka

Biodiversity richness modeling of Plants with MAXENT: strategies for automated occurrence data pre-processing with uncertainty management
Heap, Culham

Opinion Exchange Support System by Visualizing Input History
Tamura, Tomiyama, Sunayama

A System to Share Arrangements for Daily Tasks and Life Events on the Web
Sato, Hattori, Hayami

Automatic Authorship Attribution for Texts in Croatian Language Using Combinations of Features
Reicher, Krišto, Belša, Šilic


Telepediatrics Education on the Semantic Web
Sidirokastriti, Kastania

Designing a Knowledge Mapping Tool for Knowledge Workers
Haller, Abecker

A Consensus Method for Checklist Integration
Richards, Wilton, Flann;, Cooper

Extracting Promising Sequential Patterns from RFID Data Using the LCM Sequence
Nakahara, Uno, Yada

Design and Implementation of A Context-Aware
Omori, Nonaka, Hasegawa

DOCODE-lite: A Meta-Search Engine for Document Similarity Retrieval
Bravo-Marquez, L’Huillier, Ríos, Velásquez, Guerrero


Web applications and Public Diplomacy
Koffa, Kastania

An Ontology Based Approach to Measuring the Semantic Similarity between Information Objects in Personal Information Collections
Shi, Setchi

Evolution of the Catalogue of Life Architecture
Jones, White, Giddy, Hardisty, Raja

Relation between Stay-time and Purchase Probability based on RFID data in a Japanese Supermarket
Takai, Yada

Development of Delay Estimation Method using Probe Data for Adaptive Signal Control Algorithm
Hanabusa;, Iijima, Horiguchi

Visualization of Text Streams: A Survey
Šilić, Dalbelo Bašić


A Historically-based Task Composition Mechanism to Support Spontaneous Interactions Among Users in Urban Computing Environments
Jimenez-Molina, Ko

Ontology Based Graphical Query Language Supporting Recursion
Sadanandan, Onn, Lukose

A Meta-Level Approach to Approximate Probability

Implementing an Image Search System with Integrating Social Tags and DBpedia
Iijima, Kimura, Yamaguchi

Population Estimation of Internet Forum Community by Posted Article Distribution
Kubo, Naruse, Sato, Matsubara



Knowledge mining in data from interactions between user and application
Bluemke, Orlewicz

An Approach for the Automatic Recommendation of Ontologies Using Collaborative Knowledge
Martínez-Romero, Vázquez-Naya, Munteanu

On  Lukasiewicz’ Infinie-Valued Logic and FuzzyL

The Influence of Shopping Path Length on Purchase Behavior in Grocery Store
Kholod, Nakahara, Azuma, Yada

Intelligent Magnetic Sensing System for Low Power WSN Localization Immersed in Liquid Media in Industrial Containers
Iswandy, Carrella, König



Closing, Balmoral 1







Friday 10 September, KES 2010


Poster Session & Coffee, Balmoral 2

Incremental construction of Alpha lattices and association rules
Soldano, Ventos, Champesme, Forge

ACTL Local Model Update with Constraints
Kelly, Pu, Zhang, Zhou

Dense Stereo Matching by Hierarchical Belief Propagation based on Fuzzy Con dence Approach
Fakhfakh, Khoudour, El-Koursi, Bruyelle, Dufaux, Jacot

Visualisation of Test Coverage for Conformance Tests of Low Level Communication Protocols
Tschumitschew, Klawonn, Obermöller, Lawrenz

Development of Knowledge-based System for Environmental Management Plan (EMP) Application to Construction Industries in Malaysia: RP3C
Ooshaksaraie, Ahmad Basri, Abu Bakar, Abdul Maulud

Signal Receiving and Processing Platform of the Experimental Passive Radar for Intelligent Surveillance System Using Software Defined Radio Approach
Szlachetko, Lewandowski

Distance learning support system for game programming with Java
Yoshida, Yaoi, Miyaji, Yamada, Fujii

Dialect Recognition Method Using Emotion Judgment

Automated Anticounterfeiting Inspection Methods for Rigid Films Based on Infrared and Ultraviolet Pigments and Supervised Image Segmentation and Classification
Kohlert, Kohlert, König

Viewpoint Insensitive Actions Recognition Using Hidden Conditional Random Fields
Ji, Liu, Li

A ubiquitous intelligent tutoring system for aiding electronic learning
Ciruela, Delgado, Marín

Semantics-based Representation Model for Multi-layer Text Classification
Yun, Jing, Yu, Huang

Intelligent strategy of adaptive nonlinear echo cancelling Volterra-Wiener filter structure

Direct Adaptive Control of an Anaerobic Depollution Bioprocess using Radial Basis Neural Networks
Petre, Şendrescu, Selişteanu

Coaching to Enhance the Online Behavior Learning of a Robotic Agent
Hirokawa, Suzuki

Support System for Thinking New Criteria for Unclassified Diseases
Nishihara, Hiratsuka, Murakami, Ohsawa, Kumakawa

CLONAL-GP Framework for Artificial Immune System Inspired Genetic Programming for Classification
Jabeen, Baig

Nonparametric Statistical Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for Regression Problems
Graczyk, Lasota, Telec, Trawiński