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Poster Presentation Instructions

The Conference Poster Session will take place in Balmoral 2 on Friday 10 September.

Posters from the Groundbreaking Research Workshop will be displayed at the same time.

Poster will be displayed all day. Presenters must be with their posters during the morning and afternoon coffee breaks to meet delegates and discuss their research. An unattended poster will not win the 'Best Poster' prize.

You should bring your poster to the conference and set it up on the poster board before the morning coffee break.

Guidance notes on making a poster are available

A poster presentation at a KES conference is regarded as being of equal importance and status to an oral presentation.

If properly prepared and delivered, a poster presentation can be as good, or better, at conveying information and ideas to the audience than an oral presentation.

14th Annual
KES Conference
Cardiff, Wales, UK
8-10 September 2010