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Groundbreaking Intelligent Systems Research Workshop

Submission to the Workshop is now CLOSED.

The KES2010 Groundbreaking Research Workshop is a one-day workshop taking place on Friday the 10th September 2010, the final day of the KES2010 conference, giving authors who are too late for the general and invited sessions tracks the opportunity present their work.

Work-in-progress papers on all aspects of intelligent systems are invited from research students (doctoral and masters students) more senior researchers, members of faculty and anyone wishing to bring their work to attention of the research community.

Presentation and Publication

Accepted papers will be presented as posters in the dedicated workshop session. Papers will be published on an open-access web archive, making them widely available to the research community.

Video Snapshots

Each author of an accepted contribution will be given the opportunity to give a 2 minute oral presentation on their work which will be recorded as a video. Suitable video presentations will be uploaded onto YouTube as 'Research Snapshots', giving the work additional visibility.

We will be offering a prize for the best 'Research Snapshot' presentations.

Submission of papers

Papers (guide length 4-6 pages) should be submitted via the dedicated online submission channel available .. here ..

Papers will be subjected to a 'light-touch' review by members of the Programme Committee and accepted or rejected on the basis of quality and relevance to the conference.

Do not attempt to submit papers to the General or Invited Sessions Tracks as these are now closed.


Please submit your paper by
17 August 2010
and register for the workshop by
20 August 2010


Each paper to be presented at the workshop must have at least one author who has registered and paid the fee.

Those registering for the Groundbreaking Research Workshop may book for a special one-day rate of 250 Euro.
This includes:-
- Attendance on the day the Workshop (10 September 2010)
- Teas and coffees, and lunch
- The opportunity to attend the Friday AM and PM keynote talks
- Presentation of the work as a poster and
as a video snapshot to be uploaded onto Your Tube
- Publication of the paper on the open-access web archive

Workshop authors may also purchase a ticket for the conference dinner to be held on the evening of Thursday 9 September 2010.

Alternatively, authors may choose registration for the full three-day KES2010 conference at the late rate if they wish.


For enquiries about the Workshop please contact

Conditions of Submission

By submitting a paper for the conference you undertake that, if the paper is accepted, you will pay the fee, attend the conference, and present the paper.

By submitting a paper you also indicate that you accept the KES Terms and Conditions, available on the conference web site, and that you agree to abide by them

14th Annual
KES Conference
Cardiff, Wales, UK
8-10 September 2010